Be the king…

AI is the writing machine, not the publisher. This text is about you, me. Not AI.

On LinkedIn, or any other social media network, now we can see a lot of new “specialists” in various domains. If we think about marketing, authority is what catch your attention – we can refer to them as influencers, if it means people. Or brands that impact the overall market (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc), if we think about companies.

Why am I talking about authority first? Authority is a neutral power that can be used to force (at highest level) or influence behavior – think back to your childhood. In some way, we all have a degree of authority within our “social bubble”: some people will pay attention to your message because of you, not just the content – there are no issues.

I’ll be straightforward: delegating content to AI will not increase your authority or improve yourself – as same as a colleague doing your homework at school.

But the worst case. You’re delegating the most powerful thing that we conquered in the last 20 years: The power of public expression regardless of time and place, without significant costs.

Especially in words, text, posts (any way you want to define them) we’re able to express ourselves in our deepest reflexive way. Something that even AI simulating, training at its best, cannot replicate as you or me. The same goes for a generated image that I’ve used to catch your attention to this post – am I being ironic?

I see AI as a powerful tool to aid the creativity process, as a copilot, removing blockers and knowledge gaps. A powerful research and insight tool. You can improve yourself, boost your learning process. Even if you generate something, take a time to improve, to apply and develop your own style, this exercise will be great. Do it in a way that shows your true personality.

As Bill Gates wrote in an essay for Microsoft in 1996 titled “Content is King”, emphasizing the power of the business environment created by the internet and digital content marketing – I highly recommend you read it. Content is the king, a king that you own and develop within your life experience.

I would complement and better adapt this phrase to match the message I want to share:

Be the king – of your content.

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